Blinking Lights

Blinking Lights

No. Codington-Clark Electric Co-op does not blink the lights just to frustrate and annoy you. Momentary power interruptions or "blinking lights" are most often caused by uncontrollable circumstances.

Wind, trees, lightning, birds, animals, equipment failure and humans can all disrupt the normal flow of electricity both momentarily and longer. Trying to find the exact cause of the blinks sometimes resembles trying to find the needle in the haystack, which equally frustrates the Co-op's line crew workers.

When a breaker in your house or business senses a power problem, the breaker trips and power flow stops until someone resets the breaker. Breakers on the Co-op's power lines are designed to sense a problem on the line, stop power flow momentarily, and then automatically reset - potentially avoiding a much longer outage.

Before digital clocks and computers, blinks oftentimes went unnoticed. In today's world, flashing digital displays and loss of computer data can get people real excited.

Co-op members need to protect computers and other sensitive electronic equipment by buying and using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. These relatively simple and inexpensive measures will go a long way towards increasing power reliability and protecting fallout from blinks.

Co-op members also need to notify the Cooperative when blinking light problems repeatedly occur. Then, be patient and give line workers a chance to find and correct the problem. Both members and the Co-op want the same thing - high quality, reliable electric service.