Board of Directors

Board of Directors

A nine-member board of directors manages and governs the Co-op. Each director represents a defined district of the Co-op’s service territory. Director candidates are nominated by a petition process. Members of the Co-op attending the annual meeting elect directors from the field of candidates. Directors serve a three-year term. Terms are staggered to provide continuity. The board holds regular meetings monthly and special meetings as needed. The officers of the Co-op are elected by and from the board on an annual basis.

District 1 - Michael D. Meland

District 2 - Daniel J. Thyen, Treasurer

District 3 - Benjamin G. Fleming, Vice-President

District 4 - John C. Rider

District 5 - A. Ben Schleusner, Secretary

District 6 - Russell J. Foster

District 7 - Russell A. Hurlbert, President

District 8 - Dave M. Warkenthien

District 9 - Roy Gjerde