Budget Payment

Budget Payment

For your budgeting convenience, we are pleased to offer a budget payment option for your monthly electric service bill. You pay the same amount each month, regardless of actual billing. Periodically, we "settle up" by adjusting your payment amount, so you don’t get too far ahead or behind actual amounts owed.

The Budget Payment Plan is a way to levelize your monthly electric service payments and avoid the high spikes that can sometimes occur during the hottest summer months or the coldest winter months.

Participation in the Budget Payment Plan is limited to members with residential / general service, with at least one year of history at the location, and with a current account balance.

We multiply the average of your last 12 months of billings by 1.10 to set your budget payment amount. You can monitor your budget account balance by examining your monthly billing statement. Budget accounts are reviewed at least annually on the anniversary of your start date. If needed, you will be notified and your budget payment amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Participating members are encouraged to notify us if they decide to drop participation or when their electricity usage changes significantly.

For questions or more information, please contact our business office.