Electrical Troubles

Electrical Troubles

Electricity fuels today's economy. It powers machinery, computers, appliances and provides light and heat to millions of homes and offices. Unfortunately, electricity is influenced by external factors often beyond our control.

It is generally understood that lightning, wind, trees, ice storms, utility switching and maintenance operations can cause power quality problems. What is less understood is that as much as 80% of the power quality problems can be traced to electrical disturbances that occur in the home or office. Overloaded circuits, faulty or inadequate wiring are often the source of the problem. These events can take many different forms but very often present themselves as a transient, spike, voltage surge, voltage sag, brownout or blackout.

The equipment problems usually associated with electrical disturbances generally fall into three groups:

  1. Disruptive: These failures are often blamed on hardware or software problems but in many instances they are the result of an electrical disturbance.
  2. Dissipative: These types of disturbances are often cumulative in effect. A series of low magnitude events over weeks or months can eventually cause the failure of components.
  3. Destructive: These are high magnitude events. Damage is usually visible and often catastrophic. These are generally associated with a lightning strike or similar event.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to help protect your equipment from these types of electrical disturbances. Talk to us today about your options today.