On your phone simply dial 811.         


In South Dakota, you are required by law to call at least two working days before you dig. For safety and economic reasons, you don’t want to dig into buried utilities like power cables, gas lines, water pipes and such.

When you call, make sure you have information ready, like your address and phone number, the companies or municipalities that serve your area, and what kind of work you plan to do.

South Dakota One Call is not responsible for marking the lines on your property, but they do contact those who are, including Codington-Clark Electric. 

After your call, one or more locators will visit your site and mark utilities with stakes, flags or paint. When you begin work, make sure you stay at least two feet from the marked lines.

Codington-Clark Electric locates, free of charge, all cooperative-owned underground lines to the electric meter.

Underground wires beyond the electric meter are privately-owned (ie. the wires from the meter to your home). We locate privately-owned underground electric lines at the rate of $50 for the first hour and $25/half hour thereafter.

Please call us to have privately-owned wires located.