Please call to report your outages at TOLL-FREE 844.968.1976.

Or for emergency situations call us at 605.886.5848 or 800.463.8938.

To help you determine your best options when your power goes off, please check out these steps.


1. Power is off in one area of building only

Check for blown fuse or tripped breaker on one or more circuits in the building's electric service panel

Replace fuse or reset breaker

2. Power is off in the entire building

Check building's electric service panel for blown main fuse or tripped main breaker

Replace or reset

3. Power is off in buildings on site

Check service site's main breaker, usually located in metal box below electric meter

Move main breaker switch to "off" position and then to "on" position, even if switch appears to be in "on" position

4. Check with neighbors to see if they have power

If they have power, the problem is unique to you and you may want to contact your electrician

If they also have no power, the problem is likely utility-related

5. Call and report the outage at TOLL FREE at 844.968.1976.